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KoTransfer – Expertise saves energy

Transfer of innovative European concepts for training and certification in energy-saving construction methods

Energy saving and environmental protection have become a challenge for all European building crafts. It is possible to handle this challenge with energy-saving construction and the renovation of buildings. Innovations, such as insulation technology, new technologies and equipment require expertise. The construction industry therefore requires well qualified personnel. The cooperation project “KO-Transfer” demonstrates one way to achieve this. It is based on the successfully completed Leonardo da Vinci pilot project “Umbau & Ko”.

Eleven partners from five countries cooperated in the project. The involvement of partners from different sectors of society enabled a productive multi-stakeholder dialogue. The BGZ was responsible for the project management, the coordination of national and transnational activities, the internal monitoring and the dissemination strategy.

The project developed EU-wide transferable innovative modules for further education and standards of competences for professions in building trade and energy consulting. This particularly applies to employees of initial and continuing vocational education and training institutions, experts in designing training and continuing education courses and SMEs, actors in institutions of certification and ministries, specialists in construction industry and the craft, trade associations of other branches and users of learning opportunities.

The results of the project included:
  • A competence allocation system for levels and credit points in selected building professions
  • Competence standards on the basis of occupational competences, a competence grid for dual and full-time school training courses
  • A transfer of innovative learning content as the basis for continuing education courses by the competence grid
  • A certificate including a competency overview for mutual recognition

Trainees will receive a certificate after the completion of the vocational education, which, in addition to the national certificate, documents the content of the modernised educational background and competences. Trade enterprises in the region of Berlin-Brandenburg can also benefit.

“An extremely professional project. The carefully formulated milestones and work packages ensured that the targeted objectives were constantly in focus. The consortium was well chosen and benefited from results-oriented work processes. Stringent project management, a transparent structure and the inclusion of important stakeholders played a major role. The results are virtually indispensable in the discussion on vocational training policy as they operationalise the political declaration of intent.”

KoTransfer, Extract - Assessment Summary- Final-Report – Communication NA beim BIBB, 14.03.2011

Erasmus+ Project Results Platform

Summary and project results

Documentation of project results

Assurance and transparency of professional expertise for energy-saving construction in Europe
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This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This communication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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Implemented in:

Germany, Belgium, Slovakia, Latvia and Poland


2008 – 2010

Berlin partners:

Vocational school OSZ Bautechnik 2, Chamber of Small Business and Skilled Crafts, BIV-BFW e.V. Cottbus, INFRARO

Transnational partners:

ZAWM St. Vith (BE), ZRP Warsaw(PL), Technical University Kosice (SK), WIR – Chamber of Crafts of Wielkopolskie Region in Poznan (PL)


Grazyna Wittgen
Tel. +49(30)809941-14


European Commission – Leonardo da Vinci – Transfer of innovation