Our approach

The BGZ aims to promote political, social and economic developments in Berlin with its projects. To fulfil our responsibilities fairly, we have compiled guidelines to be implemented in all our projects.

Our approach is:

according to need

Our projects are all closely linked with Berlin. They contribute to the implementation of the Berlin Senate’s policies and to the promotion of Berlin skilled trades. We use hands-on methods and confront the current challenges of our region, such as demographic changes and vocational integration of immigrants. We transfer tried and tested problem-solving approaches from other EU countries to Berlin, or seek and find innovative ideas together with our partners.

with a view to sustainability

Projects should bring changes. Strategies for a sustainable utilisation of experience and products are developed early in the project planning. Important stakeholders are strategically integrated in the project’s realisation. We present our results to a wide audience at workshops and conferences, and accompany the sustainable utilisation of the project results when the project is over.

in partnership

The BGZ has been cooperating with a large variety of institutions in Berlin and abroad for many years. Trust, transparency and a well-tested division of labour ensure the quality of our projects. Our contribution is 40 years of experience in project management, as well as our EU-wide network. Our partners benefit from this and can concentrate completely on their content input.

BGZ guiding principles sustainability
BGZ gender equality plan

The Education and Innovation Centre (BIZWA) of the Berlin Chamber of Skilled Crafts has long benefited from the good and reliable cooperation with the BGZ. They give us confidence in project management and accompany our procedures in an active and productive manner. In addition, we work together to develop new ideas and implement them profitably. The BGZ often provides input that enables us to work even more efficiently and with more innovation.

Gregor Schöning, Deputy Head of the educational institutions of the Berlin Chamber of Small Business and Skilled Crafts