German-Polish mobility project in the building trade

Over the course of the EU expansion to the east, the previous EU border region Berlin-Brandenburg adopted a central position in the EU. This meant an increased mobility of workers was expected in the joint economic space with the EU acceding country Poland. Up until that point, only a few exchange projects existed and in both countries there was a lack of concrete knowledge about the neighbour’s educational system in the skilled trades.

The mobility project TRANSBUILD was therefore set up, with the aim of supporting the German-Polish transfer of knowledge of vocational education. In order to participate, applicants had to be self-employed in the construction industry or a teacher in an OSZ (secondary school and vet college of higher and further training); be providing training for young people in their own company; be an apprentice supervisor in the guild, as well as be an active member of examination boards of the guilds for examinations for skilled workers and master craftsman’s diploma. The programme for the event included a preparatory meeting for the German participants in Berlin and a one-week trip to Warsaw and Poznan, with lectures, short seminars, on-site visits and interviews. During the follow-up meeting in Berlin, a return visit from the Polish partners was also arranged.

For the majority of the participants, it was their first time in Poland. They were able to gain their own experiences in the neighbouring country. Personal contacts helped to break down mutual prejudices and to make plans for the future in a united Europe.

The Project was recognized as an “Exemplary trainers measure” in the framework of the Leonardo da Vinci Conference “Shape the European education area” (8 /9.10.2002)

“A cooperative enterprise is in the making with schools in Poland, placing emphasis on reciprocal treatment for the first time! That is a sure sign for a mutual gain in trust. A trusting cooperative relationship is the foundation for a long-term collaboration such as we are developing here. Transfer occurs when we also exploit experience from other measures, exchange ideas and experience, and design work groups which are always tailored to the target group.”

Andreas Schlembach – teacher, draughtsman, OSZ Civil engineering II
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Implemented in:

Berlin and Poland


2001 – 2003

Berlin partners:

Chamber of Small Business and Skilled Crafts, guilds

Transnational partners:

ZRP Warsaw(PL)


Dr. Hilde Hansen
Tel. +49(30)809941-16


European Commission – Leonardo da Vinci – Mobility