Our associates

The State of Berlin and the Berlin Chamber of Small Business and Skilled Crafts are the umbrella organisations for the BGZ. Our associates provide us with links to state institutions, vocational training centres and more than 150,000 Berlin businesses.

Our partners include not only guilds, associations, colleges and secondary schools, but also the Berlin Fire Department. This private-public alliance ensures hands-on projects and also guarantees the sustainable utilisation of project results. Cross-departmental projects, for example, in the Oder region, in the health master plan or in the field of electro-mobility support the development of clusters of Berlin economic policy.

Berlin-based companies will only be long-term competitive on a global scale if they promote innovation and have an international outlook. With its focus on renewable energy, digitalization, and connected mobility, Berlin has a unique opportunity to demonstrate that technology and resources can be used to spark sustainable economic growth and improve quality of life in modern cities.
Our reliable partner BGZ Berlin International Cooperation Agency GmbH addresses these current challenges by successfully supporting Berlin companies with education and training programs on the basis of EU collaborative projects.

 Ramona Pop, Mayor of Berlin and Senator for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises
For many years, Berlin’s skilled crafts enterprises have benefitted from the strong network of BGZ. High expertise, intercultural competence and efficient project implementation distinguish the work of BGZ. With its wide range of focus areas, BGZ is as diverse as the skilled crafts and trades themselves. Carola Zarth, President of the Berlin Chamber of Small Business and Skilled Crafts