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Tuition Mobil – Exchange on digitalisation and modernisation in vocational training

Globalisation and digitalisation are rapidly transforming the labour market. These changes are in particular challenging for apprentices, as today’s requirements for skilled work go beyond mere technical know-how. Hence, education and training require a new approach, with new teaching materials and methods, and appropriately trained teachers and trainers. Those challenges are being addressed across the EU. Sharing pertinent experiences in transnational exchanges naturally provide a huge opportunity to learn from each other and help each other make progress.

The BGZ’s project VET Tuition Mobil aims at enabling those exchanges. Two flows will focus on creating an exchange of knowledge and ideas both on the building profession and the methodology of interdisciplinary knowledge transfer of vocational competences.

The first flow concentrates on the growing need of securing building professionals with digital know-how and reach out to participants from the vocational education sector. In a four-day exchange in Italy, participants from Berlin will have the opportunity to exchange views on the latest technologies of the sector throughout workshops and company visits. They will consult about how to successfully integrate innovative leaning tools into training, also in order to broaden the appeal of building professions.

The second flow aims at the development of current approaches regarding the transfer of interdisciplinary competences as well as self-organised learning. The exchange will offer teachers from OSZ und guilds the opportunity to get to know good practices used in the Netherlands concerning forward-thinking learning methods. The participants will also consult with their European colleagues from different sectors about how apprentices can participate in shaping the development of innovative learning materials as well as how practice-oriented and location-independent learning can be optimized.

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Implemented in:

Italy and the Netherlands



Berlin partners:

Secondary school and VET College of Higher and Further Training and guilds

Transnational partners:

IT Vicenza: Scuola Costruzioni Vicenza Andrea Palladio

Project website:

Erasmus+ Project Results Platform


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