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Immigrants as Education Ambassadors pave the way for immigrants to access lifelong learning

Unhindered and equal access to education for all people – this is of crucial importance for the future viability of Europe and of course for Berlin. At present, people with a migrant background in many EU countries often have limited access to lifelong learning. The EU project “Learning Community” opens opportunities for adult immigrants to actively participate in lifelong learning. Five EU countries worked together towards this objective.

Whilst selecting potential partners and partner countries, we took into account different initial conditions and perceptions within the EU, as well as the specific problems of different migrant groups. The partnership combines educational institutions and NGOs, migrant organizations and policy makers.

We developed innovative strategies and consulting approaches for the target group and suitable tailor-made offers and materials.

We used the method of “education ambassador” – a multiplier concept where immigrants themselves worked as links between learning and consulting services and their communities. They therefore received a comprehensive consulting and training course. The project influenced also local education providers, especially in terms of quality and appropriateness of their learning opportunities.

The project produced the following results: a guideline for education ambassadors – including ambassador-concept, continuing vocational education offers, curricula, handouts and working tools. A network of trained education ambassadors began its educational activities to raise immigrants’ awareness and to motivate them for lifelong learning. The project also provided recommendations for action for the political decision-makers to permanently anchor the education ambassadors in the regional structures. Last but not least “Learning Community” and its results made an important contribution to the implementation of the Berlin integration concept.

 Together with the BGZ we have successfully implemented approaches to integration and for improved health and education oppor­tunities through “Active Health” and “Lear­ning Community”. We greatly ap­preciate the BGZ as a competent partner. Our colleagues there are first rate when it comes to filing applications or managing complex, transnational projects.

Stefan Pospiech, CEO Gesundheit Berlin-Brandenburg, working group for the promotion of health

Selected products

Handbooks for multipliers “Opening Doors to Adult Education for Migrants”: Brochure (English), Recommendations (English), Recommendations (German)

Good Practice Manual on work with volunteers in IQ ROMA SERVIS (English)

Curriculum for training education ambassadors DE, NL, GR


Info_Dienst, March 2010

Selected products

Guidelines for working with Education Ambassadors - Opening Doors to Adult Education for Migrants
Recommendations – How to open doors to adult education for migrants
Analysis: Education offers and the education situation for people with a migration background.
Germany Analysis report from partner countries
Good-Practice-Manual about experiences with socially disadvantaged groups
Valorisation concept of the generalisation of project results
Ambassador training documentation

The project “Learning Community – Migrant/innen als Bildungslotsen eröffnen Migrant/innen den Zugang zum Lebenslangen Lernen (LC)“, 2009- 3619 / 001 – 001; Ref. 504 367- 2009-LLP-DE-GRUNDTVIG-GMP, has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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Implemented in:

Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Greece and the Netherlands


2009 – 2012

Berlin partners:

Health promotion association Gesundheit Berlin-Brandenburg, KomZen, The Senate Representative for Integration and Migration

Transnational partners:

Olympic Training Pyrgos (GR), ZEBRA Graz (AT), IQ Roma Service Brno (CZ), CESO Maastricht (NL)


Christian Prange


European Commission – EACEALLP – Grundtvig

Learning Community