CCI Thrive - Bespoke Business Models and Innovative Practices 
of Cross-Sectoral Cultural and Creative Collaboration

CCI Thrive – Innovative business models for cross-sectoral productions

How can the digital transformation help the cultural and creative industries to flourish? – With this question as a starting point, CCI Thrive explores cutting-edge digital technologies as a means to increase the competitiveness of the cultural and creative sector. In doing so, CCI Thrive focuses on the promising potential of cross-sector productions and collaborations to identify advanced and creative solutions, thereby opening up new business opportunities and revenue streams for the cultural sector.

The key outcome will be an EU-wide common basis for the management, use and exploitation of creative industries and cultural production data with innovative tools that contribute to the promotion of the European creative and cultural industries. To this end, CCI Thrive will experiment with creative business models using these tools to explore other aspects of cultural creation beyond purely commercial interests: Co-productions, content, audience, green change, ethical and cultural values.

CCI Thrive focuses on:
• better and more intensive knowledge sharing
• Promoting data and tool sharing
• Building in-depth knowledge for the companies
• Discovering new business opportunities as well as their commercial exploitation
• fostering international and cross-sector collaboration
• Establishing a model laboratory environment to test the processes

 “The Konzerthaus Berlin has been experimenting for years and very successfully with digital and virtual formats on innovative music projects. CCI Thrive is taking a similar approach to cross-sectoral collaborations, exploring the potential of smart technologies for new business models and cultural productions.”

Janina Paul, Executive Director of the Konzerthaus Berlin
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Partners in Germany:

SpielFabrique 360° UG

Transnational partners:

in Austria: ARS Electronica Linz GMBH & CO KG, Linz; IMZ-International Music + Media Centre, Wien

in the Netherlands: Beeld en Geluid, Hilversum

in Italy: Centrica SRL, Firenze

in France: BetaSeries, Reims

Project website:


Christine Sauter
Tel. +49 (30) 809941-13


EU EACEA / Creative Europe

CCI Thrive