Car-2-Lab – Innovatives Lernmodell
für die Vermittlung digitaler Kompetenzen im Kfz-Sektor

Car-2-Lab – innovative VET-learning model to convey digital competences in the automotive sector

To secure competitiveness and economic growth in the age of “digital revolution”, the European education systems quickly have to find solutions on how to cover the rapidly developing new technologies in education and to convey digital competences for new technology fields.

Our project “Car-2-Lab” shows an example in digital applications in motor vehicles (vehicle telematics) on how to practically convey new vocational competences that go beyond the traditional job description.

In “Car-2-Lab”, ten partner organisations from four EU-countries work together: VET-institutions of the automotive sector, higher education and research institutions, SMEs and business associations.

All partners have proven technical expertise, long experience in the automotive sector and are open-minded towards innovations in VET. Associated partners support us.
In the project, we will develop an innovative learning model and learning tools. By using them, trainees and Bachelor students can practically learn and practice telematics applications in motor vehicles.

In the project, a set of coherent activities is planned:
  • Development of a learning model to practically convey digital contents in VET, with an innovative learning tool “telematics kit”;
  • Testing of the model in VET and trainings of teachers in handling the model and learning tool;
  • Development of fields of applications in higher education; applications for the “telematics kit” for Bachelor studies;
  • Networking with stakeholders and lessons learnt regarding digital innovations and new technologies;
  • Public relations and multiplier events to sustainably implement the project results.

Main project result is an innovative, transferable learning model for telematics in motor vehicles that translates vehicle technology and digital content into competences and skills, transfers those competences into learning units and applies them in practical training. This will break down the supposed separation between mechanics and ICT in automotive engineering.
In this context, we also promote the cooperation between vocational schools with science and research.

 Berlin has excellent opportunities to expand the field of electric mobility within the framework of superordinate “Smart City Concepts” as a digital test field, to carry it forward with additional actors and new projects and thus to remain internationally competitive. The mobility of the future is digital, automated, electrical and networked. With its practical model for teaching digital innovations in initial vocational education and training, the project “Car-2-Lab” sets valuable impulses.

Gernot Lobenberg, Berlin Agency for Electromobility eMO
„Car-2-Lab“ on the Erasmus+ Project Results Platform
Article Telematik für Profis
BBH articel in January 2017
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Implemented in:

Germany, Denmark, Italy, Poland



Berlin partners:

KFZ-Innung, HTW, VIOM GmbH

Transnational partners:

In DK: Aarhus Tech, DTI; In IT: Pia Società San Gaetano, Confartigianato; In PL: ZSS Poznan, Mechatronika Sp. z o.o.

Project website: Erasmus+ Project Results Platform


Grazyna Wittgen
Tel: +49 (030) 809 94 114


European Commission – Erasmus+

Car-2-Lab is a project in Berlin showcase electromobility