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The development of new, sustainable mobility systems is becoming increasingly important due to scarce resources and environmental pollution. Electromobility in particular opens up new sustainable perspectives. The capital region Berlin-Brandenburg was chosen from 23 applications as one of four showcases, with which visible sites will be funded for the trial and use of electromobility.

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Electromobility opens up a growing market to the Berlin economy and good career prospects for young people. In the joint project, “Vocational and Further Training in High-Voltage Technology”, the BGZ takes the lead in setting up an international network for vocational training. The network is to function as a think-tank. Together with our European partners, new projects are to be developed and implemented. We are:

  • working on strategies for sustainable cooperation between educational institutions and the economy
  • developing innovative curricula and training material on e-mobility/high-voltage technology
  • facilitating the European transfer of know-how through mobility projects for VET professionals and an international conference of experts in Berlin


Further information:
Project consortium Learning eMobility eMo Berlin Agency for Electromobility Government programme on electromobility
Berlin-Brandenburg International Showcase for Electromolility Application
BGZ and Automotive Guild Berlin invite you: to the International Conference on “Strategies for vocational education in the area of e-Mobility”
program www.emo-berlin.de (further information)
International Symposium for qualification in the area of electric mobility
Article Berlin-Brandenburgisches Handwerk (Magazin of the Berlin Chamber of small Business and Skilled Crafts) German
“Soft revolution“ – sustainability of „Learning e-Mobility” project results
a newsletter from Berlin Agency for Electromobility

 “Electromobility will play an ever greater role in the future. And rightly so – it will improve urban quality of life in the medium term and it creates and/or secures jobs and training positions. With its many years of experience and its outstanding network of partners, BGZ is providing valuable support to the ‘international electromobility showcase Berlin-Brandenburg.’ Thanks to this network and the in-depth exchange of experience with European colleagues that it facilitates, companies here benefit from the abilities and skills of their partners abroad. International connections are vital to the capital region as an electromobility showcase, and BGZ is a key partner in this context.”

Henner Bunde, Permanent Secretary at the Senate Department for Economics, Technology and Research
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Berlin partners:

Guild of the Motor Vehicle Trade Berlin, Chamber of Small Business and Skilled Crafts, Secondary School and VET College of Higher and Further Training, Guild of Motorcycle and Bicycle Mechanics

Transnational partners:

Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic and Italy, as well as in other EU countries


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