Your Space – Kunst und Kultur als Türöffner für mehr gesellschaftliche Teilhabe von benachteiligten Jugendlichen

Your Space – Art and culture as door opener for enhanced social inclusion of disadvantaged young people

In times of pandemic, it is essential that each individual and foremost young people build up their resilience and shape their own lives.

The “Your Space” project enables young people to become more involved in their neighbourhood. In Berlin, Warsaw and Valencia, activities fostering artistic expression will be carried out in collaboration with cultural professionals. This will empower young people not only to strengthen their common values but also improve their understanding of diversity and social cohesion.

The key objective of the project is to enhance the personal and social skills of young people – especially those with fewer opportunities – in dealing with social challenges, and to promote their commitment to the district.

In addition, supporting the cultural sector is important to secure the economic survival of the artists. This is where “Your Space” comes in. The cultural education programmes for young people combine individual resilience with social commitment and involve both cultural professionals and the personnel, technical and financial resources of local sponsors.
“Your Space” counterbalances the underrepresentation of disadvantaged young people in cultural programmes.

Collaborating with the responsible local players, they will experience community as a support for personal development. In this way, art and creativity foster the encounter and inclusion of young people. The cultural programme is available to the young people in their own districts.

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Implemented in:

Germany, Poland, Spain



Berlin partners:

outreach gGmbH, Streetunivercity
Berlin e.V.

Transnational partners:

Poland: Mlodziezowy
Wychowawczy Nr

Spain: Fundación MUSOL, Asociación Integra
2 Mundo

Project website:


Dr. des. Tiziana Destino
Tel.: +49 30 80 99 41 18


European Commission – Erasmus+

Your Space