TIME – Train Intercultural Mediators for a Multicultural Europe

Nowadays the integration of migrants in the European job market requires intercultural skills from management and staff in all areas.

When these competences are missing, there are communication problems or migrants often do not get employed at all. As a result, people with a migrant background are underrepresented as employees in many institutions and companies. However, qualified employees with a migrant background could play an important mediating role in clearing up culture-related misunderstandings both inside and outside the workplace as well as in facilitating social and business communication, which would benefit both society and the economy.

TIME aimed to establish professional intercultural mediation for people with a migrant background in Europe.

With TIME, the transnational consortium supported people with a migrant background to enhance their competences and, above all, contributed that they are able to work and are recognized as experts and certified mediators and not only as language mediators.

The following materials, among others, have been put together to meet this goal:

  • Research report on intercultural mediation for immigrants in Europe
  • A “good practice” catalogue with recommendations on how to transfer the practices to other countries
  • Training materials for mediators and trainers
  • Modular training programs

The materials are available in the partner country’s languages and can be accessed on the project website.

The project partnership consisted of education institutes, universities and local authorities in 7 EU countries. The Olympic Training & Consulting in Pyrgos was the Lead partner. In the past, BGZ has engaged in successful cooperation with this partner in the “Learning Community” project as project coordinator.

BGZ participated in the TIME project as a partner and was able to contribute its many years of project experience in the area of migration and integration: the results of the BGZ-projects PROTECT and Active Health were presented as Good Practices and used sustainably in the international partnership.


  • Sustainable result of the BGZ project TIME: The program developed in the project will be offered as a continuing education seminar for mediators “UP-TIME” at Hellenic Open University as of 2018
  • Award for TIME: the project was labeled as “Success Story”, see Erasmus+ Project Results Platform
Results on the project website
Research report on intercultural mediation for immigrants in Europe
Good practice catalogue with recommendations for transfer
Link Link – German version
Guide on the desired profile for intercultural mediators and related learning outcomes
Comprehensive training course for intercultural mediators
Part 1 – Training content Part 2 – Training methodology Part 2 – Training methodology, German
Part 3: Training material Part 3: Training material, German
Part 4 – Practical training Part 4 – Practical training, German
Part 5 – Assessment methodology Part 5 – Assessment methodology, German
Training programme for trainers of mediators
Part 1 – Profile and learning content Part 1 – Profile and learning content, German
Modul 1 Modul 2 Modul 3 Modul 4 Modul 5 Modul 6 Modul 7
Recommendations for the validation, certification and accreditation of the training for intercultural mediators
Link Link – German version
8./9. September 2016: International closure conference in Athens: "Intercultural Mediation in contemporary Europe: Challenges and possibilities"
Flyer Conference programme
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Implemented in:

Belgium, Germany, Greece, Italy, Austria, Poland, Portugal



Transnational partners:

BGZ; OLYMPIC Training & Consulting Ltd.,Pyrgos; BEST, Vienna; University, Patras; Programma Integra, Roma; University- UP JPII, Krakow; FOD, Brussels; Policia Municipal de Lisboa

Project website:



Grazyna Wittgen
Tel: +49 (030) 80994114


European Commission – Erasmus+