DigiTales – Diversity in Media

Project background

People from 180 nations are living in Berlin. Multiculturalism, intercultural work and integration are all current topics in Berlin.


The project DigiTales deals with the topic of integration in the media. With digital mini-posts, DigiTales, migrants can express what affects them, what they are experiencing in our society, what they can do and what they are denied. Through this they are able to make their own voices heard in mainstream-society.


Everyone has their own story and this is where DigiTales comes in. In Berlin, the project tested three different formats:

  • Firstly in 2006, the year in which Germany hosted the World Cup, a DigiTales Festival took place. From 10th to 19th July, 2006 short films under the motto “Equal Opportunities for All” were shown on the “Berliner Fenster”, the metro television.
  • Secondly, parallel to this, short features called oral stories, were produced about the lives of people with a migration background and featured the project participants. Radio Multikulti, a BGZ partner, made the stories available to the entire public.
  • Thirdly, supported by professionals, other participants were able to produce DigiTales short films about their life by themselves.

What remains…

Why are DigiTales so important and so successful? Due to their briefness, they manage to convey different messages in depth. They inspire creativity, form their own digital story and offer new ways of intercultural communication. The enthusiasm and pride of the participants, who could tell their own stories in different formats, proved what a great contribution DigiTales made to the integration of people with a migration background.

 “The DigiTales project aims to teach integration by looking at and dealing with topics in the media. The media play a significant role in forming opinions and raising awareness in our society. It is my opinion that immigrants must be given access to these media.”

Almuth-Nehring-Venus, former Permanent Secretary for Economics, Technology and Women’s Issues and patron of DigiTales

Selected products

Conference documentation „DigiTales - I‘ll tell you something… Empowerment and diversity in the media“, March, 19th – Haus des Rundfunks
English German
Teaching materials on the internet portal "Lehrer-Online" (teacher online)
Link to the website
The DigiTales festival set an example against xenophobia, published in BGZ-Newsletter 08-2006
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Berlin partners:

Senate Department for Economics, Labour and Women’s Issues, Radio multikulti, Berliner Fenster, Südost Europa Kultur e.V.

Transnational partners:

Inclusion Through Media (GB), Kiezen voor je Leven (NL), Mundo (FI), Zina (NL), Living Together (SL), (GR)


Dr. Hilde Hansen


EU-Community initiative EQUAL, BMWA (Federal Ministry of Economics and Labour), Stiftung Deutsche Klassenlotterie Berlin

ProIntegration - DigiTales
ProIntegration - DigiTales