Filmausschnitt: Der Fremde im Spiegel

ProInteCra – The Stranger in the Mirror

A film against racism and xenophobia

DVD | 27 minutes | 2004
German | English subtitles

The fight against exclusion, racism, xenophobia in Berlin, the city of intercultural diversity, concerns all Berliners. The film „The Stranger in the Mirror” offers support in an entertaining and instructive way. The film promotes a lasting personal dialogue concerning this issue.

Why do we need this film?

Whether in Berlin or elsewhere, at schools, universities or in youth groups, at work, in the local neighbourhood or on the street, meetings which could provoke discussion with others take place everywhere. A lack of understanding, prejudices, restricted perceptions, which lead to exclusion and social stigma up to violent infringements, are still an everyday reality.

The short film “The Stranger in the Mirror” was developed within the scope of the developing partnership EQUAL ProInteCra. It is a didactic tool against racism and xenophobia at work. It targets youths in particular, and raises awareness against racism, prejudices and stereotypes. The film tells the amusing and exciting story of two colleagues with different nationalities, who argue because of mutual prejudices and are forced to dispute with the respective other cultures.

The result is not an educational film, but a rather funny, bizarre short film. It does not point the finger, but rather aims to evoke emotion, and encourage thought, discussion and self-reflection.

A lasting effect

Due to popular demand on its completion, the film was given to the non-commercial distribution of the Conference of Regional Film Services (Konferenz der Landesfilmdienste). The feedback was very positive. The film is interesting for schools, educational institutions, trade unions, associations, charity organisations and companies. “The Stranger in the Mirror” also had a high awareness level in Berlin, especially for education at vocational schools.

“Nevertheless, the film can be recommended for unqualified use in an educational environment. It encourages the viewer to see things from the perspective of others, irrelevant of any disctinction due to the colour of their skin, gender or sexual orientation. In this way, an ability to view things from various perspectives is addressed and this is a basic condition for a life shaped by constructive dialogue in a world full of differences.”

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Implemented in:

Germany, Austria, Italy


2002 – 2005

Partners in Germany:

Reinhard Günzler, Producer

Transnational partners:

Development partnership “Miteinander arbeiten und leben”(Working and living together) (AT) and “Persona“ (IT)


Dr. Hilde Hansen
Tel. +49 (030) 809941-16


EU-Community initiative EQUAL, BMWA (Federal Ministry of Economics and Labour)

ProInteCra - The Stranger in the Mirror
ProInteCra - The Stranger in the Mirror
ProInteCra - The Stranger in the Mirror