KOPRÜ” was a German-Turkish mobility project, which aims to improve the cooperation in the field of vocational education and intercultural qualification of vocational education personnel. This is particularly important for Berlin, because of its high proportion of young people with a Turkish background among the trainees. For this objective we implemented information and experience exchanges between German VET managers and Turkish educational institutions, companies, the Turkish Ministry of National Education, the Turkish Ministry of Economy and chambers.

There was an efficient division of labour in the project group. As applicant and coordinating institution, the BGZ took over the preparation of participants and the evaluation of the project. The Senate department, IHK and HWK were responsible for the acquisition and selection of participants, whilst the MEKSA took care of the organisation and on-site support.

A strategy arose from the project results for enhancing cooperation between German and Turkish educational institutions and SMEs, for example through effective flow of information and measures for transnational exchange and capacity utilization between vocational education training centres. “KOPRÜ BRIDGE to Ankara” brought an increase in cooperation, mutual understanding and intercultural competence, which was deepened by the response project of the MEKSAKOPRÜ – Bridge to Berlin” with the BGZ as a partner – these were all steps to shape the joint European education area.

 “The BGZ is working hard and with great success to ease integration. In the course of various information exchange meetings, I was able to recognise a great heterogeneity in vocational training in Turkey, which is dealt with quite differently in town centres from in the country. This is an eye-opener and leads to greater understanding for the basic conditions of those living in Berlin with Turkish migration background.”

Dieter Rau, CEO Berlin Guild of the Motor Vehicle Trade
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Implemented in:

Berlin and Ankara


2004 – 2006

Berlin partners:

Chamber of Small Business and Skilled Craft, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Senate Department for Youth, Education and Sport

Partner in Turkey

MEKSA Ankara


Dr. Hilde Hansen
Tel. +49 (30)809941-16


European Commission – Leonardo da Vinci – Mobility

KÖPRÜ - BRIDGE to Ankara