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DigiCon – Digital Construction for Europe: Technologies on the construction site of tomorrow in the vocational training of today

“Digital construction” and “Construction site 4.0” – these keywords highlight the current challenges for the construction industry. In the future, construction professionals will have to be able to handle digital technologies and applications – from digital communication and the handling of mobile devices to construction robotics. DigiCon is our contribution to innovation excellence in vocational training. The aim is to improve the digital skills of trainees in their vocational training, to promote the digitization of educational institutions and to strengthen the cooperation between business and science.

The chief result of DigiCon is a model based on real work process for the transfer of digital competences within the context of complex workflows. The model comprises a set of action scenarios, and related learning scenarios, digital applications (such as augmented reality) and tools (such as the digital construction file).

DigiCon is being implemented by six partners from three EU countries. Germany, Poland and Belgium represent three distinct vocational training systems – a school-based system, a dual system and a combination of both. The results are thus designed for EU-wide transferability in different systems.

Scope of the partnership:
  • develop action scenarios for the building site 4.0,
  • create learning scenarios for construction processes and tools for digital construction,
  • design models for working with e-learning systems and a collection of digital learning materials and tools,
  • develop a digitization strategy and guidelines for capacity building,
  • conduct workshops and conferences with multipliers,
  • promote the dissemination and transfer of the developed solutions in the three participating countries as well as throughout the EU.

  Copyright: Bauindustrieverband Ost e. V.“DigiCon shows the impact digitisation has on planning and building. Digital learning modules and innovative educational concepts enable building professionals to face the challenges of digital and sustainable construction, which consequently will promote and strengthen the competitiveness and innovation competences of companies.”

Dr. Robert Momberg, CEO Association of Construction Industry East


Article in "Handwerk in Berlin 2020 - 3"
Digitale Anwendungen für Baubetriebe
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Implemented in:

Germany, Belgium, Poland



Berlin partners:

BFW der Bauindustrie Berlin-Brandenburg e. V.,
HTW Berlin

Transnational partners:

in BE: ZAWM St. Vith
in PL: PUT TU Poznán, ZSB1 VET Centre Poznán

Project website:

www.digicon-project.eu Erasmus+ Project Results Platform


Grazyna Wittgen
Tel: +49 (030) 809 94 114


European Commission – Erasmus+