My Job In Berlin
Leben und arbeiten in Berlin-
Perspektiven im Handwerk für Jugendliche aus Europa

My Job in Berlin

Living and working in Berlin – Prospects in skilled crafts and trades for young people from Europe

Many young people in Europe are searching for career prospects. Berlin’s skilled craft businesses are looking for qualified junior skilled workers.

The BGZ is supporting Berlin skilled crafts and trades in the process of acquiring young people to complete a dual apprenticeship in our city. Together with various guilds, we have set up the website My Job in Berlin The website is available in 3 languages – German, Spanish and Polish – and informs visitors about skilled crafts and trades as a professional field and about apprenticeships in different areas.

Furthermore, there is a lot of information about living and working in Berlin. The website is linked with the funding programme of the German Federal Agency for Labour and Social Affairs.

Vocational training pays off, also for employers

Training young people is an investment in the future. The looming lack of skilled workers cannot be overcome by recruiting qualified employees from abroad alone. The companies themselves are responsible to train their own future skilled workers and thus securing the supply of qualified skilled workers in the long run. The National Pact for Training and Supply of Specialised Young Workers (Nationaler Pakt für Ausbildung und Fachkräftenachwuchs in Deutschland) is a step in the right direction. In this pact, umbrella organisations from the German economy and the German government have committed themselves to providing 60,000 new vocational training positions every year.

Give young people a chance in your company and thus offer them a professional perspective.

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Bäcker-Innung, Baugewerks-Innung, Landesinnung des Dachdeckerhandwerks, Innung für Metall- und Kunststofftechnik, Fleischer-Innung, Gebäudereiniger-Innung

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Carla Johnson