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LOG-IN – Logistics VET goes international

Smart technology, online commerce and automation are booming. Technological innovations are changing job profiles and increasing the demand for qualified workers, especially in logistics as an international interface industry.

Through the “LOG-IN” project, the BGZ brings together experienced experts from vocational training institutions, universities and business partners from four European countries. Together they develop new models for the acquisition of the competences needed in today’s logistics professions.

In the course of the project, the following products are developed:
  • A competence matrix for digital logistics,
  • A digital learning model (with guidelines and hints for implementation in subject teaching)
  • Learning units on digital logistics
  • An advanced training course for teachers in the logistics sector
  • Recommendations for vocational training, business and politics on learning 4.0 – exemplary for logistics occupations

All partners have extensive training experience and expertise in the field of logistics. Local companies support the project as associated partners.

 “Through digitalization and automation we are observing massive changes in the logistics industry: While operational activities are becoming less important, new requirements are emerging. As an example, there are complex tasks in monitoring. This has a considerable impact on vocational education and training in the warehouse occupations. The BGZ project LOG-IN develops tailor-made approaches for the integration of digital technologies in our industry.”

Matthias Schollmeyer, Verband Verkehr und Logistik Berlin und Brandenburg e.V.
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Implemented in:

Germany, Croatia, the Netherlands, Poland



Berlin partners:

OSZ Logistik, Touristik und Steuern (LOTIS)

Transnational partners:

HR: Vocational training centre in Zagreb (SCP), University in Zagreb (FPZ)
NL: Educational and research institution in Rotterdam (STC-Group)
PL: Vocational training centre nu.2 in Ostrzeszow (ZS2), Poznan University of Technology (PUT)

Project website:

www.login-project.eu Erasmus+ Project Results Platform


Grażyna Wittgen
Phone: +49 (030) 809 94 114


European Commission – Erasmus+