Water Problems in Urban Areas – International Water Conference II

The handling of limited water resources and water management is one of the most important issues of the 21st Century. Drinking water supply is particularly a major problem in developing countries.

The issue of water is a key focus of the Berlin state development policy. Berlin has a good reputation in Asia as a location of special expertise in water management. Through experience and information exchange on sustainable concepts between the Berlin water companies and experts from other cities, the access to safe drinking water and water and wastewater management can be improved.

In September 2007, 178 experts from 25 countries worldwide met for a three-day conference as part of the economic and scientific program at the 6th Asia-Pacific Weeks. Well-known water and wastewater experts from politics and government, economy, science and civil society, as well as high-level business representatives from Southeast Asia and Berlin’s twin cities in Eastern Europe and the Baltic states, were present. Hosted by the Berlin Senate, the BGZ took over the planning, organisation, execution and documentation. The conference drew on the experiences of the first International Water Conference in 2004, and from there, dialogue on sustainable water supply and sanitation began.

The main topic of the conference was “water problems in urban areas and approaches in terms of sustainability.” International experts demonstrated innovative possibilities of rainwater utilisation, new technologies for wastewater management in densely populated urban settlements, as well as technologies and management approaches in the water and wastewater sector in their home countries. Well-known researchers such as Prof. Asit K. Biswas from Mexico, Dr. Makoto Murase from Japan, Prof. Xianging Yang from China or Prasad Savitur from India enriched the conference with their input, and were available for discussion. The “Market of Possibilities” was an opportunity, particularly for representatives of Berlin SMEs, to present their products and projects to potential cooperation partners from emerging economies in the Asia-Pacific region.

 “On the basis of the experience gained during the 1st International Water Conference in 2004, Berlin, as city with a great deal of expertise in the field of integrated water supply systems, has once again invited you, industry and public sector professionals from different countries, to engage in a productive dialogue on pressing questions related to sustainable water management and to contribute to their solution. It is my sincere hope that the conference will be a venue for interesting, challenging, and effective presentations and will provide an opportunity for knowledge transfer and for formal and informal discussions. Together with our partners and the organizers, I hope that this event will pave the way for further joint efforts and productive cooperation.”

Harald Wolf, former Mayor of Berlin and Senator for Economics, Technology and Women’s Issues

Selected products

Water Management: a Technical or a Management Problem?
by Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Asit Biswas, President, Third World Centre for Water Management
Keynote paper Presentation
Drinking Water Problems in Urban India – Present Scenario and Future Challenges
by Savitur Prasad, Government of India, Ministry of Urban Development
The Water Situation in North-East China – Beijing
by Prof. Xiangping Yang, Director Beijing Drainage Group
Rainwater Management: Challenges and Successful Examples from Japan
by Dr. Makoto Murase, Vice President International Rainwater Catchment Systems Association (IRCSA)
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Senate Department for Economics, Technology and Women’s Issues, Berlin Centre of Competence for Water & WaterPN, Technical University of Berlin , Asia-Pacific-Forum Berlin e.V., Senate Chancellery, InWEnt, Berliner Wasserbetriebe, Berlinwasser International, InfraNeu

Transnational partners:

Third World Centre for Water Management (Mexiko), Beijing Drainage Group (China), People for Rainwater (Japan), Ministry of Urban Development India

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