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Baltic Sea Game Incubation – Piloting Network Activities to Foster Game Incubation in the BSR (BSGI)

From 2017-2020, BGZ implemented the “Baltic Game Industry” project. Together with 22 partners from all EU countries of the Baltic Sea region, we worked on solutions to increase the region’s appeal as a location for an innovative video game industry. The project focused in particular on the improvement of the framework conditions for game studios, the establishment of incubation structures for the emerging game industry and the development of strategies for transnational cooperation in the Baltic Sea region to establish it as a hotspot for the game industry.

The new project “Baltic Sea Game Incubation” (BSGI) will continue to work on these issues – giving special attention to capacity building for game incubators. Incubators, technology parks, universities, business development agencies and authorities from six countries will test the instruments developed during the BGI project for their feasibility and effectiveness. A series of pilot activities will illustrate how game incubation programmes work in practice and how mentors and investors can be involved effectively. Transnational activities will demonstrate the potential of a BSR-wide network and the invaluable benefit for game companies. Furthermore, in the framework of an expert conference, we will discuss current controversial questions about incubation and training in the game sector.

Two White Papers will illustrate solutions developed during the project. The roadmap developed during the BGI project will be further enhanced to provide a body of knowledge for game incubators and other supporters of the game industry throughout the Baltic Sea region.

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HTW Berlin University of Applied Sciences

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in Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Lithuania and Sweden

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