VED Mobil – European Exchange on approaches to VET in the Digital Era

The digital revolution is affecting almost all areas of business and life. Innovative technologies, systems and processes, increasing cross-industry networking and increased globalisation are leading to fundamental changes in operational work processes. This also changes the competence requirements for tomorrow's skilled labour. The employment biography is determined by continuous adaptations to technological innovations. Therefore, not only the competences of trainees but also those of teachers and trainers need to be strengthened.

With VED Mobil is the BGZ continuing its series of projects for international exchange for VET professionals from Berlin. This project focuses on industries that are particularly strongly influenced by digital change – motor vehicle, construction, transport and logistics. They are linked via cross-industry concepts such as Smart City, which provides common priorities for exchange.

60 Berlin-based VET professionals exchange views with their French and Belgian colleagues on how to deal with technological innovations and digitalisation in vocational education and training. They learn about approaches from other EU countries to prepare VET for industry 4.0, visit vocational schools and companies and work together on didactic concepts. In this way, they expand their knowledge and skills for integrating the new technologies into curricula and teaching practice. At the same time, the exchange strengthens the international networking of the Berlin actors – EU-wide cooperation is initiated or continued.

„VED Mobil“ on the Erasmus+ Project Results Platform
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Implemented in:

Belgium and France



Berlin partners:

Innung des Kraftfahrzeuggewerbes Berlin
Max-Bill-Schule (OSZ Planen, Bauen, Gestalten)

Transnational partners:

Association Nationale pour la Formation Automobile (ANFA)
Zentrum für Aus- und Weiterbildung des Mittelstandes V.o.G St. Vith


Andrea Floderer
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European Commission – Erasmus+

VED Mobil