TRIALOG – New business languages in Europe

Turkey and Poland have a very special relationship with Berlin. A large number of immigrants in Berlin come from Turkey and Poland, whilst Berlin, Istanbul and Warsaw have had city partnerships for a long time. In addition, the Polish border is only a stone’s throw from Berlin. TRIALOG’s great innovation is based on accentuating two languages; Polish and Turkish, which have rarely been recognized as business languages.

The project is aimed at trainees, as well as language teachers, knowledge disseminators and companies in the tourism and hospitality industries. Under the leadership of the BGZ, partners from Turkey, Poland and Germany compiled materials which support the acquisition of foreign languages. They developed intercultural manuals, technical language courses and didactic guidelines for training and vocational education. The materials are practical and activity-orientated. They encourage independent learning while teaching foreign languages and the acquirement of intercultural competences.

Different approaches for the acquisition of foreign languages were considered: situation-specific and action-oriented learning, mono- and bilingual situations, learning in real or simulated situations of everyday professional life, interpretation classes, language laboratories and research on the Internet. Using these project materials, one acquires language skills to use “on the spot” at home, as well as abroad.

Other BGZ projects have also profited from the project: the materials for the acquirement of foreign languages have successfully been used in the transnational EU-project “Leonida”.

Selected products

Documentation of the transfer conference “Languages & Profession” European House, Berlin, 16th September 2008
Welcome to Germany – Profession and culture intercultural handbook
German Polish Turkish
Welcome to Poland - Profession and culture intercultural handbook
German Turkish
Welcome to Turkey - Profession and culture intercultural handbook
German Polish

 “Foreign languages are extremely important not only in the international hotel business, but also in gastronomy. Guests feel they are in good hands and communication becomes easier. We should differentiate between cul­tures, listen, observe, and become involved with them. Communication is always between people, and not cultural.”

Maarten C. Nieuwenhuize, Manager, Hotel Lindner Am Ku’Damm

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This communication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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Implemented in:

Germany, Poland, Turkey


2006 – 2008

Berlin partners:

Senate Department for Economics, Technology and Women´s Issues, Seminar and Conference centre of the Akademie Berlin-Schmöckwitz, IH Berlin PROLOG, NH-Hotel

Transnational partners:

In Turkey: MEKSA- Foundation, Goethe Institute Ankara, Hotel Lord, Hotel Dedeman
in Poland: Technical College of Higher Qualification for Tourism and Foreign Languages in Warsaw WSTIJO, Lingwista, University Lodz

Project website:


Grazyna Wittgen
Tel.+49 (30)809941-14


European Commission – Leonardo da Vinci – Pilot project