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Global Fairness: Global Learning at School

It is a sad reality that the economic, environmental and social disparities between the global South and the global North are constantly increasing. People in the global North must recognize how their own lifestyles and consumer behaviour fundamentally affect developing countries and what they can do to tackle these inequalities.

The project “Global Fairness” addresses this issue and initiates it in a place where people prepare for life – at schools. This is where our “Agents for Change” can also be found. “Global Fairness” is the successor project of “Awareness for Fairness“ – its innovative development. The main topics related to “Global Fairness” are to be integrated in the classroom, in the curriculum, in educational opportunities and in everyday classes. The project is therefore aimed at school actors – in particular at managers, teachers and students, as well as school administrations.

We expect “Global Fairness“ to have a variety of effects on schools in the area of global learning. These include, among other things, the integration of global issues in the curriculum and school programmes, improved competencies of teachers and increased commitment from children and youths as “Agents for Change”. Schools can obtain certification as a Fair School and thus sustainably integrate global fairness in the school profile.

In the long term, awareness for global fairness is to be strengthened and changes in consumer behaviour initiated. The project will provide a variety of materials for use in lessons – manuals for teachers as well as study materials for the students, exhibitions or a “Global Classroom”. The project’s particular benefit for Berlin is the strengthening of the international networking of schools in Berlin and the accompanying NGOs, as well as support in the implementation of the new curricula requirements for the learning sector global development in Berlin schools.

 “We at the Ecumenical Academy Prague are really looking forward to working with the BGZ on the project “Global Fairness”. We are sure that it will be just as successful as the previous project “Awareness for Fairness”. The issue of “Global Fairness” is of the utmost importance and we hope to get many young people involved as actors.”

Jiří Silný, Director of the Ecumenical Academy Prague

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Implemented in:

Berlin, Great Britain, Czech Republic, Austria and Hungary


2013 – 2016

Berlin partners:

Senate Department for Economics, Technology and Research, EPIZ, KATE, GSE

Transnational partners:

World House of the Linz Diocese (AT), Ecumenical Academy Prague (CZ), Leeds City Council and Leeds Development Education Centre (UK), Artemisszió Foundation (HU)

Associated partners in:

Bolivia, El Salvador, Indonesia, Nicaragua, Senegal, Tanzania

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European Commission / EuropeAid