ARRIVED – Ausbildungscoaching für Geflüchtete in Berlin

ARRIVED – Welcome in the Berlin skilled crafts

Refugees from crisis regions coming to Germany need occupational perspectives for their successful integration. Many of them have knowledge and qualifications that are needed on the German job market. Especially skilled craft enterprises look for skilled professionals and provide both secure jobs and good career opportunities.

Together with the Berlin Chamber of Small Business and Skilled Crafts, the BGZ initiates the pilot project ARRIVED. It aims at preparing refugees for a professional training in skilled craft professions and to open them the dual system of vocational education and training. Our project covers:

  • preparatory and accompanying language courses
  • a workshop to introduce them to the world of work in Germany
  • assistance in the course of search for accommodation and visits to the authorities
  • coaching for the apprentices and the training companies
  • support to the social integration through mentors and a tandem programme

ARRIVED follows the successful Berlin project ARRIVO. A Strategic Advisory Board, consisting of representatives from the Chamber of Small Business and Skilled Crafts, guilds, unions, political stakeholders and NGO actors supports us in the course of the project.

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Promotion of the training of young refugees coming from crisis regions in German craft enterprises – a common qualification initiative for refugees in the German craft initiated by BMZ and ZDH

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15.08.2015 – 31.12.2016

Berlin partners:

Handwerkskammer Berlin

Project website:


Contact person at BGZ:
Svenja Rahf
Tel.: +49 30 80 99 41 17

Contact person at the Berlin Chamber of Small Business and Skilled Crafts:
Katharina Schumann
Tel.: +49 30 25 90 33 43


Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) via the sequa gGmbH

ARRIVED - Welcome in the Berlin skilled crafts