ARRIVED Mobil – Experience exchange for trainers of 
migrants and refugees

ARRIVED Mobil – Experience exchange for trainers of migrants and refugees

Since 2015, BGZ and the Berlin Chamber of Small Business and Skilled Crafts are committed to the integration of refugees into the craft. Many refugees have craft skills or knowledge, which can be used in crafts. How can the European countries cooperate in the integration of refugees and learn from each other's experiences?

The project „ARRIVED Mobil“ supports the BGZ-project „ARRIVED-Willkommen im Berliner Handwerk” that offers young refugees from crisis regions a professional training in German skilled crafts enterprises.

“ARRIVED Mobil“ is aimed primarily at trainers of the Berlin craft businesses that already train or would like to train refugees. The project contains an exchange of experiences relating to the professional integration of refugees and migrants. Austria and Spain are the exchange countries. These countries have either, like Germany, large populations of refugees or as Spain due to a large number of migrants and a high youth unemployment, a lot of experience with the professional integration of young people.

In the project “ARRIVED Mobil” a total of 30 professionals in vocational education and training (VETPROs) of the Berlin craft pass an exchange for four days each in Vienna and Barcelona. The exchange serves to learn good practices and subsequently to develop them further. Craft businesses as well as self-governing business institutions, chambers, employers' organizations and vocational training institutions will be visited.

Through the workshops and seminars, the project strengthens the professional skills in the training practice. Moreover, the project aims at expanding work educational and intercultural skills to better meet the needs of trainees with different backgrounds. Thus, the professional integration of refugees is facilitated. Further, the project contributes to enhance the quality and attractiveness of vocational training and education for migrants and refugees and to increase the employability of craft businesses.

„ARRIVED Mobil“ on the Erasmus+ Project Results Platform

Article about BGZ mobility projects since 2001

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BBH article, March 2017

Experience exchange in Vienna, November 2016

Article with photos by the Economic chamber Vienna
Linking of the article with the newsletter "Gewerbe Aktuell"

Impressions from Vienna and Barcelona

  • Die Wiener Gruppe gemeinsam mit MitarbeiterInnen der Wirtschaftskammer Wien
The Vienna group together with employees of the Economic Chamber Vienna
 (© Wirtschaftskammer Wien)
  • Erfahrungsaustausch in der Berufsschule Salesianos Sarrià, Barcelona 
Experience exchange in the vocational school Salesianos Sarrià, Barcelona
(© BGZ)
  • Erfahrungsaustausch mit Wiener AusbilderInnen zum Thema Integration von Geflüchteten in die Berufsausbildung
Experience exchange with Viennese trainers regarding integration of refugees in vocational training 
(© Wirtschaftskammer Wien)
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Implemented in:

Vienna (AT), Barcelona (ES)



Berlin partners:

Berlin Chamber of Small Business and Skilled Crafts

Transnational partners:

Economic chamber Vienna,
German-Spanish Chamber of Commerce


Sebastian Mayr
Tel: +49 (030) 80994118


European Commission